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Universal Adapter for BagsIdeal for Central Vaccum Cleaners that use Cartridge Filters, with this bag adapter you can start usingFilter bags avoiding the need to clean the cartridge filter or even exchanging it...


Bag Center Grill..

12.73€ 14.15€

Beam Kit 3 Bags Mundo xl - 26x60..

9.96€ 11.07€

58x10cmCompatible with other brands ex: GV; Soteco etc.....

18.27€ 20.30€

BEAM/ELECTROLUX BAGS - 53x33BEAM Serenity Plus; BEAM PlatinumELECTROLUX ZCV850 / ZCV855 / ZCV860 / ZCV870 / ZCV875 BEAM BM262 / BM..


BEAM Gortex Filter  (110346) 187-192-199-2100-2775-353-371-361-SC375-SC355..


BEAM Gortex Filter  (110356) 187-192-199-2100-2775-353-371-361-SC355-SC375For units manufactured before 2010..


BEAM Gortex Filter  (110357) 178-185-2700-2725-2087-285-SC325-SC335For units manufactured before 2010..


Beam Goretex Filter (110388)  650TB, 700TC..


Beam Goretex Filter Model (110387) 625SB, 650SB, 675SC..


BEAM Gortex Filter   (110347) 178-2700-2725-2087-285-SC325-SC335..


BEAM Gortex Filter  (110348) 287-297-471-481-491-500-697-2250-2500-2875-SC395-SC398-SC3500..


Exhaust Filter for Central Vacuum CleanersConnect it to the exhaust pipe, universal adapter for any central vacuum cleanerDiameter - 55mm..


hepa exhaustThe ActiVac is the newest and cleanest form of ventilation in your plant. It is great for patients with asthma and allergies. It is adaptable to 98% of all central vacuum systems, excluding two-engine systems.For placement in the air outlet of the plants they retain 99.9% of the particles..


PRECAUTION! Risk of suffocation.Keep out of the reach of children.Product Dimensions:Length: 120 cmWidth: 90 cmPack quantity: 1 unitThe secret of vacuum bags is that they allow the storage of articles, where a large percentage of their volume is normally filled by air. Place the bulky articles inside the bags and then extract the air with your cent..

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