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Hose Tube Wholesale..


Plastic Hose Holder..


Extendable Hose 2,5mt-10mt..


Extendable Hose 2mt - 8mt..


Hose PH Cicloflex 9mts..

107.63€ 153.75€

1. 2-Way Brush2. Sofa Brush3. Furniture Dust Brush4. Corner Brush5. Brushes Holder6. Cromed Extendable Vacuum Tube7. Cromed Extendable Vacuum Tube Holder8. Hose Holder9. Standard Brush w/ Wheels10. On/Off 9mts Hose - with rotating hose ending and handle (increases the durability of the hose)Compatible with all Vacuum Outlets and Central Vacuum Clea..

146.37€ 172.20€

Kitchbox A new Concept in Central Vacuum Systems, easy to install and it comes with an extendable 7 mt hose, quick and easy to use. It works by being connected to your vacuum installation or to your Central Vacuum unit.If you already have your house equipped with a central vacuum installation this product will be simply perfect, it can be plac..

9.84€ 12.30€

Metallic Hose Handle..

142.68€ 178.35€

On/Off Hose 12mt..

87.64€ 116.85€

On/Off Hose 9mt..


On/Off Hose Extension - 3 Mt...

73.80€ 92.25€

On/Off Hose Extension - 5 Mt...


PH Cycloflex Handle..


Plastic Hose Handle..


Premium Hose Cover..

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